Smart Home and Office Automation


Smart Home and Office Automation Kit (SHOA Kit)

With this project, we developed the smart home and office automation kit which saves energy and can control appliances on the fingertips. The home and office appliances can be controlled locally without access to the internet and even remotely using the internet through mobile and web app.



  • Device effortlessly fits into the existing lighting architecture
  • Home appliances are controlled locally and remotely via mobile and web app
  • All the appliances can be controlled through the voice assistant
  • The firmware of our device can be updated remotely without replacing the device

Key Challenges

There are many home and office automation systems in the market which requires replacement of the absolute system which is currently in use. However, we sorted out this gap with our solution which fits comfortable in any of the in-progress scenarios. Even we provide easy updates and support to our systems which don’t demand replacement of the currently intact system. These two functionalities were somewhat challenging to meet, but we cracked them out as unique features in our solution.


At AtoZ, with our Smart Home and Office Automation Kit we just need to configure the services of our device into a particular voice assistant application. In our solution currently, we are delivering support to Google Voice Assistance and Amazon Alexa voice assistant services. Also, with our solution, we can update the firmware of our device remotely using service named FOTA (Firmware Over The Air) and don't need to replace the entire device.

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