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AquaSense – Measure, Monitor, Maintain!

Aquasense is a wireless solution for Aqua farmers and vendors to boost their yields by using advanced technology and smart data. It continuously tracks changes in water parameters and monitors your ponds remotely and gets instant alerts. It protects from harvest uncertainties and increases productivity.



  • Mobile & Web app offers real-time monitoring and analysis of data
  • The application enables feed management and labor management
  • It generates alerts, notifications, and reports along with daily transactions
  • The Aquasense device senses pH, ORP, DO and temperature

Key Challenges

According to calculations, global demand for seafood destined for human consumption is 143.8 million tonnes per year. However, shrimp farming uses conventional method for measurement of water parameters which leads to a loss in financial resources. With this project, the scenario was to challenge this traditional approach and come up with a better solution.

  • Having the complete solution at one place which was tough saved time and resources
  • Once the application was connected to the device values were auto-generated
  • The transaction allows paperless management and auto calculation of data


AtoZ developed the web and mobile app with user-friendly features. An easy to use dashboard enabled visualization of users, connected vendors, number of sites and ponds at a glance.. The Aquasense Device enabled the solution to support offline and online mode with high sensitivity sensors, Wi-Fi Connectivity and LED indicators along with cloud support.

  • Cloud-based Mobile and web applications allow analysis and management of data
  • Feed management makes available proper amount of Aqua food at right time and location
  • Helps in yield improvement, waste reduction and save resources

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