Intranet Portal - Sharepoint

Intranet Portal – Single Platform with Effective Functionalities and Features

On a single platform, all the internal client stakeholders can visit current intranet, customize and have access to useful details such as company announcements, events, news, job openings, project & training documents, holidays, birthday, anniversary and more.


Defining The Problem


The client needed a single platform for adding announcements, newly launched products, and company news. He was facing problems with document storage, maintaining and sharing of a single contact directory, communicating different event information, job openings and more.

  • HR had to manually trigger emails to all company employees
  • Events or other company news took more time to be circulated
  • It took time to find the employee and their contact details
  • It was tough to trace which employee is in which department
  • It was difficult to track project status and who is the leader of the project
  • Separate repository was required to manage policy, project & training documents

Process Chart



Single Platform

Single intranet platforms with a striking look & feel to manage company activities independently

Separate Block for Announcements

Enabled separate blocks for announcements, events, company news and job openings

Automated Triggering of Emails

With updations in announcements - an automatically triggered mail is sent to all employees

Added Shared Calendar

Employees can view all the Events, Training and Holidays details in the shared calendar

Flexible Design

Employees can change their block order and position as per their information priorities

Search & Help Functionality

The search and help functionality assists in quickly find documents and touring the whole intranet respectively

Key Challenges

The project has been developed using the industry's leading technologies including Office 365, SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013, SharePoint Branding, Web parts, SharePoint Workflow 2010 & 2013, JQuery, Bootstrap, Farm solution web part, Bootstrap, JavaScript, CSOM and RestAPI. Working with the multifaceted and advanced technologies was a challenge at the commencement of the project; however, we managed it quite smoothly.

We had to build 12 different department sites and manage them uniquely. So we faced a few complexities with the high-end customizations to be implemented across the project; however, we simplified the composite processes.


AtoZ delivered one single platform (INTRANET) with very attractive look & feel and effective functionality where the client can manage all required activities separately. We provided an extremely flexible design in which Employee can change their block order and position as per their priorities. We also added the birthday, anniversary block where employees can wish their colleagues. In this portal, we added poll functionality in which a user can get a quick answer based on the question they asked. We built 12 separate department sites where the stakeholders can store their documents.

We built one network where employees can submit their innovations and ideas with the approval process. We provided products and tools quick links so that any employee can go to that tool easily. Built banner section where they can add newly launch products or other pictured announcements. An employee can request for training and the admin user can create training based on company location as well as department.

Our Client Success