Mobile Application

eRecall - Never miss a recall again using this recall solution!

eRecall is an innovative solution that delivers immediate access to product recall information at the time of purchase. You can check out all recalled products in an efficient, personalized and easy way. Our platform connects government with manufacturers, resellers, and consumers. The solution makes the data accessible to all people, stakeholders, and business representatives by scanning the products.



  • Scan all barcodes and check the recall status
  • These product centers are for all purchased and favorite products
  • These resolution centers are for submitting claims to manufacturers and sellers
  • All recalls including food, cars, products, medical devices, and drugs

Key Challenges

The web and mobile app are built in .Net MVC. The project needed iOS 9.2 or later for compatibility with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. We even used new operational tools which led to project complexities. We faced some challenges while dealing with data capturing, bar code scanning, using API and information tracking. Our teams managed all the crucial scenarios resourcefully. Connecting the system with various stakeholders involved certain levels of issues which were solved practically.


The eRecall app provides instantaneous access to product recall information at the time of purchase. The app can tell you that your product items are all safe or not by scanning warning notes on a product. You can check the recalled products in adapted, efficient and undemanding ways. The new features comprise of notifications counter for latest recalls on the app icon, user badge settings for current recalls that have not been checked and other functionalities for performance improvements.

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