CPMO Project - Single Global Portal to Manage All Projects

On a single global portal, all the client stakeholders can manage their project details, project related team information, plan & schedule meetings, broadcast product announcements, track project status and have access to project reports and documents.


Defining The Problem


The client needed a single portal for adding managing their project information. He was facing problems with current project management tools and was using excel sheets to manage their significant projects which were tough to handle.

  • Challenging to manage essential information in classic excel sheets
  • Issues in sharing project details and analysis of the projects in hand
  • Security of project documents was one of the major problems
  • Tough to manage project related meetings date and details
  • Handling multiple project status information was turning difficult
  • Report generation was physically done and consumed additional time

Process Chart



Fully Dynamic Portal

Fully dynamic portal with a prominent look & feel managing all project related tasks

Banner Section

Enabled separate banner section to add latest product pictures and event details

Project Charts

With PMO organization chart and Project manager’s chart admin can see all project details

Priority Project Section

Stakeholders can track priority project status with quality, delivery, business and cost ratings

Project Calendar View

Employees can view all meeting details in a calendar view with category wise colour coordination

Access to Project Milestone

Project stakeholders can access project related milestones, summary, scope and teams

Access Permission

Admin can provide different levels of access permissions to users based on the requirements

Key Challenges

The project has been developed using the industry's leading technologies including SharePoint 2013, Workflow 2010, RestAPI, SPService, CSOM, JavaScript, Bootstrap, SharePoint Branding, Excel Word plugins, DataTable Plugin, FullCalender, ChartJS. Working with the multifaceted and advanced technologies was a challenge at the initiation of the project; however, we managed it quite efficiently.

The processes and detailing of documentation as well as report generation was extensive. Even the consumption of data, its usage and its size was far-reaching; however, we simplified the involved high-end data complexities and needed processes.


Based on the requirements, AtoZ developed and delivered a fully dynamic portal with excellent look & feel. We added banner sections in which the client’s team was enabled to add latest product pictures and event details. We also added the PMO organization chart and Project manager’s chart to access project details and see which project manager has which projects.

We provided priority project sections and even added key project milestone, KPI status graph of the current fiscal year as well as the current quarter. We added announcement, quick board link, project approval board, and project repository sections so that relevant members can access project related information, reports and documents. We provided access to meeting details in an impressive calendar view with category wise colour coordination.

Every project has their separate page where user can see all detail of that particular project. Admin can export different type of reports in word and excel with project analysis.

Our Client Success