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VisitorSense - Welcome your visitors with a pleasant invitation and swift check-in

VisitorSense is a smart technology that can help you deliver an integrated visitor experience by digitalizing your visitor management. The system lowers operating costs by eliminating unnecessary staff. It is developed to enable self-serving and if your building is still using a manual log, this high-tech and easy to use solution can help you automate visitor handlings.


Defining the problem


Every day, people meet each other at offices for business meetings or as guests. Undesirably, the experience of getting to the meeting, discovering the building, waiting at reception, signing-in and reaching to your contact person is often annoying and time-consuming. Below are more problems that need to be resolved.

  • You need to ask everyone to keep on signing the register for your track manually
  • You require to manually save all the data which needs physical efforts and is time-consuming
  • You have to manually generate temporary cards for the day of visit and work requirements
  • The entry and exits records have to be sorted out applicable to every visit and visitors
  • For security protocols reception staff requires phoning upstairs to inform visitor arrivals
  • For busy buildings with thousands of visitors a day, manual tracking is not a solution


QR Code Scanning & RFID

Entry and exit records can be automated with data management

Electronic Documentation

Electronic documentation tracks contractors work time and billing

Handling Supplies

The system automates supplies handing which saves costs, time and efforts

Digital Agreements

Few premises need signing the agreement digitally and keep a check on the privacy

Notification & Alerts

Notifications and alerts are triggered via text or emails on every required stage

Go Green

The system eliminates the need for visitor sign-in sheets and log books

Key Challenges

The project needed high-level of RFID technology implementations to track every asset automatedly which involved challenges. We even used several new and advanced operational tools which led to complexities. We faced a few problems with actual data capturing at some small-sized department locations and also while having real-time information tracking. However, we managed all the critical scenarios quite efficiently. Monitoring, locating and managing in-house printers involved a certain level of issues which were solved resourcefully.


The software solution assists you from manually turning visitor records pages, data management and let you “Go Green” by cutting down on paper usage. The entry and exit can be made trouble-free using technologies like QR Codes and RFID. The meeting host is notified instantly about the visitors allowing time for escorting or preparing the conference room. The managing time of regular visitors, employees or guests can be reduced. Visitor notifications boost building security, and electronic documentation cuts down on dishonest billing

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