Mobile Application

HR sense - Human Resources Management System

When you get things handy, it is easier to work. It takes a lot of effort and time to accumulate data and then arranging is surplus. HRMS helps Human Resource management to shorten up their swing.


Defining the problem


Most organizations are facing major challenges: increasing productivity, managing an overload of complex information and making teams work together. These challenges are particularly amplified in the manufacturing industry.

  • Reduce Cycle Times of Approvals & Automate Complex Business Processes
  • Business Intelligence - Calculated Decision Making using Real - Time Data
  • Unified Collaboration Platform for Cross - Functional Teams
  • strengthen Relationships with Interactive Vendor Portals
  • Better Manage Complex Projects
  • Product Life cycle Management with SharePoint



We bring a lateral approach to all our services, thinking innovatively and creatively.

Employee Management

Engage your employees with work, not sheets, the better they are managed the better they will execute.

Leave Management

Approval of leaves ain’t tedious anymore, check and manage the permit in a single click.

Attendance Management

Say no to register days, find all the required data of all employee on a single page.

Payroll Management

Payroll complexities will be no longer in existence with HR sense.

Holiday Management

List of happiness, be it regional or national, predefined one can be checked at a glance.

Key Challenges

The client faced challenges in capturing user information who engaged with the site. The client was challenged to hold on to and exert a pull on new or present visitors. Though this business is niche but automation was needed to compete in the industry.

  • Business awareness was limited and so a SEO friendly site was needed
  • Booking was needed to be automated to improve business functionalities
  • Competitors used responsive and better designed websites


AtoZ developed the website in WordPress and updated it with prominent design. The Booking and Invoice generated function increased reliability and gave a professional angle to the visitor and customer experience. The website design is mobile friendly, highly responsive and its timely completion was highly appreciated by the website owner.

  • Both front-end and backend solution was built effectively
  • The tactics used to retain visitors by automated invoicing was a success
  • Advanced-level plugins were used to make business a little bit easier

Our Client Success