Mobile Application

AVLMS – Automatic Vehicle Location and Monitoring System

The web-based tool allows users to access real-time transit vehicle location, precise travel direction, estimated arrival/departure times and transit incidents on the defined network. It enables transportation agencies with the ability to integrate, aggregate, analyze and then distribute traffic and transit information.


Defining The Problem


People face complex transportation problems and need solutions for transportation management, the system for tracking traveler information, work zone planning & coordination and much more to improve their everyday lives. These challenges are particularly amplified in the transportation industry and people need:

  • Single source for speed, travel time and event information
  • Real-time alerts on road and transit conditions for traveling public
  • Precise day to day operations and maintenance of transportation systems
  • Integrating and coordinating transportation construction information
  • Systems following transportation standards, benchmarks, and latest technologies
  • Bringing personalization in the transportation domain by bridging resource gaps


GPS-based Vehicle Tracking

Offers real-time tracking of vehicles based on location and groupings

Geofencing and Alert Management

Vehicle alerts can be sent out via SMS or E-mail across Geofencing

Multiple User Role Management

Users can access various features and provide levels of access

Route Planning

Define a route and assign a vehicle or a driver to routes in real-time

Multiple Device Management

User can manage multiple devices by adding, modifying and removing them

Data Management & Performance Reporting

Numerous reports can be generated with import/export of data from and to other systems

Key Challenges

The project has been developed using the industry's leading technologies including .NET 4.0, HTML 5, Bootstrap, AngularJS, Open Map Framework, XML/JSON data format, and MongoDB (NoSQL) database. We even worked with several advanced operational, analytical and mapping tools. Working with the newest technologies and advanced tools was a challenge at the commencement of the project; however, we managed it quite smoothly.

We faced a few issues with the interactive platform to be used across the project. However, we simplified the complex interactions by enabling and introducing keyboard-less communication using the Alexa App.


Our diverse teams successfully managed different devices, the protocol for GPS data, alerts for over speed, idle time, Geofencing notifications and map technology. Along with the software, we also dealt with the hardware components such as highly customized GPS devices. We even handled driver behavior, trip history and enabled cloud-based implementation.

Benefits of the solution include conversational interface, project scalability, bridging human and technology gaps, personalization and enhancement in productivity of users. The potential industrial applications comprise both enterprise/logistics services as well as public/private transportation services.

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